Devoted Owner Takes His Paralyzed Dog For A Walk Through The Park Every Day

“These pictures show the depth of love that this man has for his old dog who can no longer walk on her own”

German shepherds spend their lives loving their owners. They are the most protective and loyal dogs there are. So, when they reach their golden years, every one of them deserves an owner as devoted as this man is.

When they are young, they are athletic and agile. During those years, it’s hard to imagine them slowing down. But time passes quickly and soon enough, the gray around the muzzle appears and the signs of age began to show up soon after.

It is during their senior years that a new level of care begins. More trips to the vet, supplements, medication, and a comfortable bed, are all more important than ever. At times, it’s not always easy taking care of an aging dog.

But even in their old age, they appreciate all you do and still enjoy living life by their owner’s side. Even if sometimes walking by your side changes into being pulled in a wagon through the snow as this man is doing for his sweet old dog.

Bryan Thompson was out walking in Shubie Park Dartmouth, Massachusetts when he noticed a man wheeling a dog around in a wagon. Intrigued, he got closer and saw that there was a white German shepherd wrapped in blankets inside.

He introduced himself to the man and asked about his dog. The man explained that his dog suffered from the dreaded disease, degenerative myelopathy, and could no longer walk on her own.

He explained that degenerative myelopathy or DM is a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord. It slowly results in hind limb weakness that gets worse over time. It eventually leads to paralysis. Although cruel, the disease isn’t painful unless accompanied by conditions, such as arthritis or spinal stenosis.

The man went on to share that his beloved dog enjoyed the park but could no longer walk through it on her own. However, he continued to take her for walks every day so that she could enjoy the sights, trees, and fresh air that she always loved so much.

He shared that he believed if the roles were reversed that his loyal dog would do the same for him. Thompson was so moved by the story and the devotion that the man had for his best friend that he took pictures of them and shared their story on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of these tender moments shared between the owner and his old friend. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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