Wounded Warrior K-9 Helps Army Sergeant That Saved His Life

“The Sergeant used to joke that one day he would take K-9 Isky home with him. Little did he know that one day his words would come true or how much he’d eventually need him.”

This wounded warrior is a K-9 who lost a leg in combat so now he helps other soldiers.

Despite losing his leg in combat, this military dog still lives an active life. He’s a true hero who performed over 300 missions. But due to his injury, is now the mascot of the American Legion Southern Fauquier Post in Morrisville, Virginia.

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Isky was a bomb dog that was assigned to Sergeant Wess Brown, United States Army. The two met in Germany for the first time. At their first meeting, Isky peed on Sergeant Brown’s leg out of excitement but the two were inseparable after that.

After hitting it off, they went on many missions together. Together, they traveled to ten different countries, including Afghanistan. They were even assigned to sniff out President Obama’s room.

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The pair were inseparable and hard working. They relied on each other and served their country proudly. They had such a close bond that Sergeant Brown often joked that one day he’d take Isky home with him.

Little did he know at the time that one day those words he spoke would come true. It all came into motion one day when they got a call to complete a “small mission.” However, it wasn’t a safe one.

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As soon as they got there, they were taking fire and trying to find cover behind a vehicle. On their way, there was a small explosion that severely injured Isky’s leg. Isky had an MRI and needed emergency surgery, but his veterinarians also discovered something else.

Isky had a nerve tumor unrelated to his injury that had it gone undiscovered would have eventually grown and ended up taking his life.  The only way to help him was to amputate one of his front legs.

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It was then that Sergeant Brown decided to take responsibility for Isky and keep him as his own. They traveled back to the United States, where Isky eventually joined the American Legion and provides support emotional support to Sergeant Brown.

The two are truly best friends and have been through many good and bad times together. Despite it all, Isky is still active and happy and loves living out his retirement with Wess.

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The two truly need each other but Isky is more than just a best friend. He’s a hometown hero and important to his community. He’s recognized for his heroism, and he deserves it all. We hope you enjoyed his story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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