Rescuer Who Thinks She’s Helping One Dog Ends Up Saving Six

“As she began to nurse this German shepherd back to health, she had no idea that she was making sure six dogs got the help they needed”

In a decision that is impossible to understand, the owner of a white German shepherd named Gemma was abandoned the dog at a shelter. Rather than take their dog to the vet for a painful skin condition, they simply walked away.

Gemma was in bad shape and a lot of pain when she arrived at the shelter. She’d clearly been neglected for a long time. It is horrible to imagine how she was treated and what she went through before she was dumped.

Gemma was examined at the shelter, and it turned out that she had a severe case of mange that covered 70% of her body. Although she was in pain and losing her fur, her mange was treatable and now she’d finally get the help she needed.

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Jolene, an adoption counselor at the St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary located in Canyon County, California took one look at Gemma and her heart went out to her. She knew she had to do something, so she took Gemma in and began medical treatment.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy. Gemma was in so much pain she had to be sedated to endure her baths and skin scrapings. But before long, she started improving. Within weeks, her skin began to heal, and her fur started growing back.

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Gemma also started putting on some weight and Jolene noticed it was a little more than she expected. As Gemma’s tummy grew, it soon became obvious that she was pregnant. Thankfully, she was now healthy enough to deliver her puppies.

It wasn’t long before Gemma gave birth to five healthy puppies. While Jolene had expected to save one dog, she ended up saving six lives. Despite the sadness over Gemma being abandoned by those who were supposed to love her, the situation turned into a happy ending for Gemma.
Jolene not only found a good home for all five puppies, but she also found a forever home for Gemma. Now she has a family of her own that will always love and care for her and that’s the best ending ever.

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We hope you enjoyed watching Gemma’s rescue story. She was such a sweet dog and never deserved the hand she was dealt. Happily, she found someone to care for and help her just when she needed it most.

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