Homeless German Shepherd Trying To Save Her Baby Wouldn’t Let Rescuers Get Close

“She was not about to let anyone near her puppy even though she desperately needed help”

Tragically life on the streets is not always kind to abandoned dogs. Left to fend for themselves, they often become sick or injured. Pregnant dogs are especially vulnerable and without proper nutrition and shelter, can lose their puppies as this struggling German shepherd did.

The rescue Hope for Paws received a text about a homeless German shepherd who was carrying her dead puppy in her mouth. They quickly responded to the text and discovered the distraught momma hiding on the side of a house, holding her deceased puppy.

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The scene was heartbreaking but also dangerous. This momma dog was upset and trying to protect her lifeless baby. Even so, the rescue approached her hoping that they would be able to help get her off the streets.

They were not the first rescue to try to offer assistance. The first rescue attempt by another organization failed because they deemed the dog too aggressive. However, they did leave a crate to offer her some shelter. Hope for Paws may truly be the last hope for this poor dog.

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They approached the driveway and saw she had given birth in a crawlspace nearby. They tossed her food to distract her so they could block the hole so she could not go back inside. Still trying to protect her puppy, she bit at the wood they used to block the hole.

The traumatized dog was simply heartbroken and exhausted. She desperately needed help but was not yet willing to receive it. Time was running out for her because she could not stay in the driveway forever.

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Ever so slowly they approached the dog as she barked and growled. Offering a hamburger, they tried to build trust so that they could help her. Slowly, she finally took the hamburger but all the while growled and even showed her teeth.

For their safety, they had no other choice but to use a catch pole. It was for the best despite that it would be frightful for the dog. However, it would be worth it in the end because they would take her to safety.

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Fearful and aggressive at the end of the pole, they tried to lure her away from the home and eventually got a snare of her so they could place her in a kennel to transport her. All the while they tried to gain her trust but she was too afraid to receive their love.

Finally, exhausted, the mother allowed herself to be touched and led to the kennel. It took patience and expertise but they finally had her in the transport kennel and one huge step closer to being saved.

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After a medical checkup and the cremation of her puppy, she was now at her foster home. The rescuer stayed with her while she howled and cried over the loss of her puppy. They tried to comfort her but like all living creatures, she needed to mourn her loss.

After all the stress she went through and a long nap, she finally awoke a new dog. Gone was the fearful growler and in her place, a thankful dog. She knew she was on her way to a new life full of love. She’d never be homeless again.

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We wish her the best on the road to recovery and know she’ll find the perfect home. Thanks to Help for Paws for all they do. We hope you enjoyed this heartwarming rescue story. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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