German Shepherd And Baby Play A Game Of Catch Me If You Can

“This is the luckiest baby to have such an awesome best friend to grow up with”

German shepherds make great family dogs and are great with kids with proper introduction. Typically, they love spending time playing with children. When they grow up together, they quickly become best friends with their little humans.

Since they are so loyal, active, and protective, lucky is the child who gets to grow up with a German shepherd as a big sister or brother. No matter what the day brings, they will always have a playmate with a German shepherd by their side.

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This German shepherd and baby are certainly besties even though the baby isn’t walking yet, that doesn’t slow them down as they play a game of catch me if you can. The baby simply crawls while the German shepherd runs around the house.

Like two kids playing chase on a playground at school, the German shepherd darts away while the giggling baby follows. The dog knows the baby will never catch up and darts back and forth into another room, circling back, surprising the baby each time.

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The two are super cute and funny, too. The dog is so careful around the baby as they play their special game, and both are having a great time playing together. The baby doesn’t know it yet, but he is one lucky little kid.

The dog play bows, wildly wagging its tail in happiness as the little baby slaps the floor and laughs. As the dog runs off, the baby follows while laughing, finding the fun game hilarious. And it is super fun to watch them play together.

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They finally take a little break then it’s off to playing chase again. The shepherd circling through the rooms with the little tot trying to keep up but never able to catch the quick-thinking German shepherd.

One day when this baby is walking, the dog may have to move a little faster to keep ahead but for now, they have their fun routine down, and obviously both enjoy it very much. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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