Dog Survives Weeks In An Outdoor Pen After His Owner Dies At Home

“Slowly starving to death, he only had two hours to live when he was discovered by the sheriff’s department”

For German Shepherd Gunner, the unthinkable happened; his owner passed away at home, but what made the tragic situation even worse, Gunner was locked in an outdoor pen with no way to escape.

When Gunner’s 64-year-old owner, Luther, passed away, Gunner was locked inside a large pen in the backyard. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office speculates that Luther may have been dead for a month before he and his dog were discovered.

They said on Facebook,

“Somehow, Gunner managed to survive for weeks by drinking rainwater and getting into a small amount of food that was left behind,” the department wrote on Facebook in May. “His muscles have wasted away to the point where he can barely stand, and he is covered with thousands of ticks and fleas.”

When the sheriff’s department discovered Gunner, they immediately contacted the Bella SCPA Rescue Center in Oklahoma City, and it happened just in time. A veterinarian who cared for the dog said he had “just hours to live” when he was found.

He was cared for at the Woodlake Animal Hospital, where he began to recover from his tragic ordeal. Touched by his story, the local community donated enough money to cover all of Gunner’s veterinary expenses, according to the SPCA.

There is another bright spot in this sad story. Gunner was adopted by his extended family after they learned of his situation. He now has a new home with people who love and care about him. The SPCA wrote:

“The family is grieving the death of a loved one and we are so sorry for this tragic loss. Gunner has been a bright spot for them, as evidenced by our meeting today. We can assure you they love Gunner and are going to give him the best care. They are immensely thankful to all of the organizations, donors, and supporters that stepped in to help.”

Gunner’s family said the dog’s late owner was a man who loved German Shepherds but also “a man who called when he called.” He lived out of state from the rest of his family. They went on to say,

“I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who donated to Gunner’s case,” said Gunner’s new owner, who identified the deceased man as her uncle in a video Bella SPCA posted. “Because of you, I’m able to bring my uncle’s dog home, and I will take very good care of him. Thank you.”

Such a happy ending for the dog who endured this nightmare. We’re so glad that he survived and is safe. We hope you enjoyed reading his story and that it inspires you to help other dogs in need. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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