You Can Tell This Orphaned German Shepherd Puppy Was Raised By Cats

“He lost his entire family but some kitties took good care of him”

Puppies learn a lot from their mother as well as littermates. While they are small, puppies mirror their mother’s behavior and learn a lot of social skills and how to play with their siblings. Between the time they are born until eight to twelve weeks is very important for puppy development.

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This German shepherd puppy also mirrors the behavior of his siblings. Only, the siblings he was raised with were not dogs. After the puppy was brought into the shelter all alone after losing his entire family, he was raised by a family of cats.

When his foster mother brought him into her home, he was only the size of a potato. No one knew his history except that he was the sole survivor in his family. Thankfully a good Samaritan found him and took him to an animal shelter, where they saved his life.

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Once at his foster home, he was welcomed by a family of cats. As he grew, his playmates were the kitties and they were happy to play with the cute little guy. Soon enough, the puppy was acting just like a cat, even kneading his blanket for comfort, just like the cats do.

The little puppy preferred to play with the cats over the other dogs, perhaps due to his tiny size. As he grew, he began to mimic their cat behavior and acts just like one of them. The way he hops and pounces is very cat-like. He even prefers to sleep with his kitty friends in a cat bed.

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He lived with his foster family for about twelve weeks before being adopted into the perfect home, where he joined his new mom and the cats she rescued from his foster mom. So, the lucky puppy not only found a home, he has a new cat family to call his own.

It warms the heart to see how happy the puppy is now despite his harsh beginnings. Certainly, this dog will love growing up with his new mom and kitty friends. There is no more perfect home than this one plus, he can visit his foster mom and friends.

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We hope you enjoyed this adorable rescue story. From tragedy to a happy ending, we love that this German shepherd will get to go on living a happy life full of love and friendship.  As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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