German Shepherd Enjoying The Morning Routine With Mom

“This dog is obviously living the good life and seems to know it”

German shepherds are sensitive and enjoy having a reliable routine. They do best in a stable environment and even though they love having fun, they are most comfortable and happy when things go as they expect them to.

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They don’t mind doing the same things over and over every morning. In fact, they look forward to following a schedule alongside their owner, so it’s no wonder they wake up looking forward to what the day will bring.

Just check out this sweet pup Shadow’s morning routine with mom. The two wake up in a nice snuggly bed and share some early morning cuddles, which Shadow clearing enjoys each day.

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Next, it’s time to get out of bed and get even more loving from mom. Certainly, Shadow is a much-loved pupper and mom is more than happy to say so. Lots of hugs later, but there is a little complaining going on because it’s time to get up and go already.

Finally, Shadow goes outside to take care of the private doggy business. After that, some zoomies are on the schedule. Then there is some time to play a little football. Just when you wonder when Shadow gets to eat the yummy food mom took out of the freezer, it’s back inside after wiping paws.

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Shadow takes a little water break while mom takes time to start getting herself ready for the day. Once that’s done, time for breakfast, the yummiest time of the day, even though Shadow seems a little distracted and walks away from the food bowl.

Mom must eat too and it’s avocado toast for her. No avocados for German shepherd dogs so Shadow will have to sit this one out. But that’s okay, that leaves time to go find a friend who what? Gets a bite of toast!

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Both dogs get more attention and belly rubs. Mom puts the finishing touches on her outfits, and they are finally ready to leave the house. Super exciting for Shadow but mom is taking a long time to pick out shoes, “let’s go already,” Shadow whines.

Finally, it’s happening, they have made it to the car, and Shadow is loaded up the ramp and in the back of their SUV. Off on some mystery adventure that Shadow is super excited about, but we’re left wondering where.

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We hope you enjoyed this fun video of Shadow and mom’s morning routine. Shadow is a lucky pup and looks very happy with life. Does your dog have a morning routine anything like this one? Let us know and please feel free to share with your friends.

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