NBA Player’s German Shepherd Is Such A Daddy’s Girl

“She knows she has her dad wrapped around her adorable paw”

Devonte’ Terrell Graham is a professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans. He’s also played for the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets. In college, he also played basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks.

But this popular player loves a lot more than just basketball…

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Something else has stolen his heart and her name is Charlotte. Charlotte, who is named after his time playing for the Charlotte Hornets, is his adorable German shepherd and she’s one big daddy’s girl.

Devonte loves spending time with Charlotte, especially during the off-season when he doesn’t have to be up real early. He has had Charlotte since she was a tiny, timid puppy but she quickly grew into a confident German shepherd dog.

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Now she is the center of her dad’s world. Of course, they play basketball together and Charlotte makes sure she wakes her dad up on time in the morning. The two are super close as you will see for yourself in their adorable video.

Charlotte loves to go on car rides and her dad takes her everywhere with him. She is never left behind unless she just can’t go. She loves to play other games aside from basketball, such as fetching a ball from the third downstairs floor. Davonte knows when she wants to play because she simply goes and stands on him until he takes the hint.

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It’s clear, that Charlotte has her dad wrapped around her paw. Even when she is a little destructive or steals something off the counter, her dad can’t get mad at her adorable face for long or at all for that matter. The love they share is unconditional and it’s clear she is one of Devonte’s best friends and queen of their home.

She’s always there to play, hang out, share a meal, and lift his spirits after a not-so-great game. Like all German shepherds, Charlotte is a wonderful companion who loves living life with the person she loves best.

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Their relationship is special to see and Devonte is lucky to have such a great dog on his side. She is loyal to her dad and only has eyes for him. We hope you enjoyed their sweet video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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