Husky’s Awkward Reaction Over The Arrival Of A German Shepherd Puppy

“This husky is very opinionated about her new little brother when she meets him for the first time”

Things were going great for Shira the Siberian Husky who was used to getting all the human attention as all single fur children do. Shira didn’t have to share the toys or the treatos with any other dogs, life was good.

Then one day the unthinkable happened. Shira’s owners brought home a German shepherd puppy and things were sure to quickly change. But before that can happen, Shira must be introduced to the new puppy named Enzo.

Shira’s parents were unsure how she would respond to her new baby brother. So, they left the puppy in a box and allowed Shira to approach the shy little shepherd on her own terms. As you’ll see, Shira isn’t at all sure about this new development.

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She sniffs the box, curious and very vocal about the new puppy. Around the box she goes, the ruff on her back up, clearly trying to decide what to make of this new puppy, who calmly stays in the box as if trying to convince Shira to like him.

Her fur parents are standing by calmly introducing the two new dogs, but Shira has a lot to say about it. She sounds like she is rattling off a list of questions, one of which is sure to be, “is this fluff ball for real?”

At one point Shira even tries to distract her fur mom by giving her the paw but even that doesn’t magically make the new puppy disappear. Her owner tries to reassure her that she’s still loved, and the puppy is a good thing, but Shira isn’t sure.

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Shira hasn’t yet realized that the cute puppy will one day become the best little brother that a husky could have. The two will surely become best friends and spend countless hours having fun.

But, before that can happen, Shira will have to get used to her new little bro and get all her complaints off her chest. Hopefully, it didn’t take too long before the two dogs were happily playing, forgetting all about the awkwardness of new introductions.

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