Rescued German Shepherd Teaches Couple That It’s Okay To Start Over

“When they adopted this older German shepherd, they had no idea that the dog would become their teacher”

There are plenty of older German shepherds that find themselves needing homes. Although every story is different, there seems to be an endless list of reasons why these majestic dogs find themselves in need of someone new to love them.

Bringing a German shepherd puppy home is a lot of work, but it’s also very exciting. Raising a puppy is a privilege and training a dog to match your lifestyle is important. But that doesn’t help the hundreds of mature dogs looking for someone to save them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people willing to open their hearts to an older German shepherd, even though it may not always be an easy transition. The link to this story shares the first-person account of one family’s heartwarming experience after rescuing an adult German shepherd.

In it, Karen Scanlan shares her experience after adopting a six-year-old German shepherd from a couple that was splitting up. This was the Scanlan family’s first rescue and adult dog, who soon taught them what love is and that it is possible to teach an older dog how to acclimate into a new life when you’re willing to learn new things yourself.

Karen Scanlan

When Sheba moved into her new home, it wasn’t an easy transition. According to Karen Scanlan, Sheba was aloof and her behavior challenging. She ate a slipper and peed in the house. One day, after Sheba became hostile after a correction, Karen Scanlan knew something had to give. Not sure what else to do, she called a friend of hers that told her:

“You won the battle but you’re losing the war. She’s had enough bosses. She needs to know this is a loving home first.”  

From that day on, Sheba became the Scanlan’s teacher, and they became the “dog.” They opened their hearts to Sheba and allowed her to show them what she needed to be a confident, comfortable dog in her new home.

From there, as you read the story, you’ll see how Sheba blossomed and became an irreplaceable part of their family. She turned out to be a smart, empathetic dog that loved to have a job and was a comfort to those that need it.

With the Scanlan’s loving her, Sheba soon adapted to her new home and even moved across the country with them. She was always by their side and had the gift of making people feel special. She filled their heart and home and even touched the hearts of non-dog people.

Sadly, Sheba got cancer and left them far too soon. But, as you read their story, you’ll see that it wasn’t how long they had her that mattered, it was all the love and respect they shared. Yes, old dogs can teach us a lot, even how to start over.

Karen Scanlan

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