Happy Dog Can’t Stop Smiling Over His New Bunny Sister

“Hilarious and sweet, this rabbit has her dog brother wrapped around her little white paw”

Some unlikely friends are cuter than others but these two are off the charts adorable. Their sweeter than fiction story seems straight out of a book but it’s actually true.

It all began when a bunny in need of a home became best friends with the family dog. When the odd couple met for the first time, no one knew that they’d become besties. But the pair shared an instant connection, as if their special friendship was always meant to be.

Sugar the rabbit was retired from a breeding program and needed a new home. Fortunately, this kind family adopted her. The cute white bunny was welcomed into their home where she met their happily, clumsy dog named Roman.

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Not sure what to expect from Roman, the family was surprised when the dog and bunny became great friends within the first week of their meeting. Initially, Sugar was kept in a large cage in the sunroom so the two could safely get to know each other.

However, soon enough Sugar was given the freedom to hop around their sunroom, exploring wherever she wanted to. She clearly loved her new home. The adorable Roman was right by her side, smitten with his new bunny friend.

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Soon the two were inseparable. Now, Roman loves to play with the rabbit and lets her hop on and all around him. Wearing a big, goofy grin, Roman worships his new bunny sister. The two even nap together. It’s more than adorable to see the snoozing bunny spread out next to the big dog.

Sugar has some special feelings for Roman, too. The rabbit prefers not to be picked up by her human family or anyone touching her head, ears, or paws. However, she lets Roman sniff and kiss her all over, enjoying every minute of it, she flops over happily soaking up all the attention.

Their friendship is heartwarming to see but Sugar is clearly the alpha in the relationship. She lets Roman know when she wants to play, which the sweet pup is happy to oblige. She has taught him to be a gentler dog and he has taught her how to feel safe with her new family.

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