German Shepherd Drags Cat Toys Around The House For Kitten to Play With

“This special dog takes her job of entertaining the kitten seriously”

This German shepherd loves to do chores but who could have guessed that her favorite one would turn out to be entertaining a kitten?

It started with helping with the laundry. From there the dog named Anya went on to do other chores around the house. Taking the clothes out of the dryer, throwing away trash, and picking up things that drop on the floor are just a few of the jobs she taught herself to do.

Always willing to help, Anya loves to help no matter what it is. Whether it’s emptying the dishwasher, working on the garden, taking out the trash, or carrying groceries into the house, she’s right there to lend a paw.

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The busy dog was always looking for a way to help out around the house. As the family’s other dog looked on, she would jump right in and help with whatever she could. She is such a smart girl

Then one day, something changed. The family found an abandoned kitten. Unwilling to look the other way, they took the tiny kitten home and made a home for her in the basement. There was a cat door leading to the basement and Anya stationed herself there, closely watching over the kitten.

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Finally, Anya was allowed in the basement to meet the kitten, now named Munchie, through her cage. Slowly the two got to meet without the cage. Eventually the shy Munchie was brave enough to slowly leave the safety of the basement.

Munchie’s favorite toy happened to be a shoestring, which she carried up the basement stairs with her. Anya noticed the shoestring and began dragging it for her to chase. This fun game broke the ice and Munchie found the invitation to play irresistible.

Now the pair love to play and tease each other. Anya still plays with Munchie’s toys with her. Anya now has the very important job of watching out for and playing with her kitten friend and there’s not much cuter than that.

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