Abandoned German Shepherd Cried Non-Stop Until Rescued

“Her story will break then warm your heart”

For dog lovers, it’s impossible to fathom how so many dogs end up abandoned to survive alone on the streets. With so many unwanted dogs dumped, it’s impossible to save them all but fortunately, this sad German shepherd dog was able to be rescued.

No one knows how this beautiful soul ended up on the streets but lucky for her, some good-hearted people heard her cries and called a rescue to help her. When her rescuers arrived, she had been crying for days and was clearly terrified.

Because of her fear, she tried to hide from the people trying to help her. It took a lot of time and patience to finally get a leash on her. She was so fearful, that not even a hamburger could entice her out.

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Watching how much fear she was under is heartbreaking but finally, she was able to be caught and gently led out of her hiding place. Even then, she wanted to return to her spot but was led to safety instead.

Uncertain and crying, her rescuers reassured her that she is safe, but the dog is terrified. However, despite her fear, she remains gentle and shows her first glimmer of trust when she leans into a woman trying to help her before going into her crate.

Once safe, the dog is taken and given a bath and lots of love and attention. The expression on her face is one of sadness. Her intelligent eyes tell a story of betrayal but also an appreciation that she was being cared for.

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She was soon adopted into a new home and when her rescuers visit her two weeks later, they are stunned at her transformation. The once terrified dog is now playful and happy, clearly loving her new family and dog friend.

Now called Fancy Pants Dunbar, it’s hard to imagine that this joyful dog is the same one that was nearly emotionally shut down. She’s an amazing example of love and resilience. A poster child of second chances and what can happen when love is shared.

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