Rescued Crow Loves To Go On Walks With German Shepherd

“This crow is not about to be left out of the fun”

This rescued crow once fell from a 100-foot-high tree. But now he goes on walks with his German shepherd friend by his side.

When the crow was a baby, he fell from a 100-foot-high tree but fortunately, he landed in the right backyard. A family tried to help reunite him with his mother but that soon proved to be impossible.

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Hoping that he would have a normal life, they didn’t interact much with the crow they call Pepe. However, they did feed him and take him inside the house at night to keep him safe from the neighborhood cats.

As Pepe began to grow, he started leaving the nest they made him and explored their backyard. They began leaving worms on the ground for him to find. Soon he was taught how to fly and caught on very quickly.

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The bird was a faster learner and began to develop life skills, such as hiding berries. Before long, he made friends with other crows and joined a flock of his own. His rescuers still leave food out for him, enough he can share with his crow friends.

Initially was a daily visit but now Pepe only visits weekly. He’s adapted to his crow life and doing bird things. He lives with the neighborhood flock, which was the plan for him all along, even though he’s missed.

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When Pepe returns to visit his rescuers and their German shepherd named Xena, it’s like he never left. During the bittersweet visits, he shares water with his dog friend and says hi to the family. 

Adorably, when Xena goes for a walk, often the crow flies down to tag along. Pepe stops to check out whatever captures Xena’s interest and acts just like a jealous little brother. Anything she has, he wants it!

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We hope you enjoy the video of these two unlikely friends. As always, please feel free to share.

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