Hilarious German Shepherd Puppy Sings Along With His Owner In The Bathroom

“Who sings it better?”

German shepherds can be very vocal. Since they are herding dogs and naturally protective, it’s natural for them to be observant and alert their owners to whatever is happening in and around their home.

It’s not unusual for them to bark, growl, howl, whine or even moan to communicate with their owners. What is a bit unusual is for them to sing but that is exactly what this German shepherd puppy loves to do.

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His name is Maximus and it fits him perfectly because he certainly maximizes his vocal talents. Since the day his owner realized Maximus loves to ‘sing,’ he began encouraging his amusing behavior.

This video was created one day when Maximus was in a singing mood and his owner decided to share the dog’s talent with the world. The video begins with his owner leading with the Eduard Khil’s song named “Trolololo.”

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As his owner sings, soon Maximus joins in. In close to perfect pitch, too (well, probably as close as this canine can get with his limited vocabulary). Maximus moans and groans a show-worthy tune, all the while never moving from his flat as a pancake spot on the bathroom floor, which is hilarious!

The concert is super funny and the dog’s owner actually has some signing talent of his own. The only time Maximus moves is to lift his head and howl and his facial expressions are priceless, too!

We think the two of them could easily master more tunes to entertain the world with and Maximus is certainly entertaining to watch. The pup is adorable and it’s easy to see, full of personality.

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We hope you enjoy this duet and as always, invite you to share the video with all your friends.

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