Brave Police Dog Is Smitten By A Baby Girl

“This adorable baby is the only one allowed to touch his toys”

Police k9’s work as hard as any officer. Every day, they protect and serve, risking their lives to keep people safe. They deserve to be spoiled with all the best things, and that includes being greedy with their favorite toys…but that changed for this special dog.

Sonny is a hardworking K9 that serves on the Clifton Police Department with Officer Jason Lainey. Sonny puts his whole heart into his work. Each day when Officer Lainey puts on his uniform, Sonny becomes all business and is prepared to handle whatever they face that day.

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Observant and vigilant, side-by-side the two partners work hard all day. With Sonny pacing and barking from the back of the patrol car while waiting for a call, or when he’s just a listening ear for his partner, Sonny takes his job seriously.

But once the two are back home, Sonny turns off his cop switch and is ready for some family time with his favorite girl-Officer Lainey’s baby. The once independent K9 now spends all his time with the adorable baby and loves every minute of it.

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Prior to the baby’s arrival, for five years Sonny refused to share his toys with Officer Lainey. But all that changed when the little girl was born. Now, Sonny happily shares his toys with her and will even let her take them away from him. Something he never allowed Officer Lainey to do.

The police dog turns into a gentle giant when it comes to the baby. Sonny lets her touch him, pull his ears and tail, and sit on him.  He doesn’t even mind when she runs into him with her little car. The dog is just happy to be with her and if her giggles are any indication, the feeling is mutual.

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Sonny and the baby are in for some big changes soon. The family is expecting another baby girl so Sonny will be sharing even more of his toys than he is now. We’re sure he won’t mind and will be just as sweet to the new baby as this one.

We wish the family all the best and thank them for their service. As always, please feel free to share this video with your friends.

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