Annoying German Shepherd Won’t Let Stubborn Husky Sleep

“The two fight like brothers and its hilarious”

Every self-respecting dog needs plenty of sleep but when you have an annoying brother like this one, sometimes that’s impossible!

Zeus the stubborn husky loves to sleep in the big comfy bed but his brother, an annoying German shepherd named Kaden, decides it’s playtime, it’s impossible to get those zzzzz’s.

Zeus is sleeping in his human’s bed, enjoying the cozy comfort of his nap digs when Kaden unashamedly decides nap time is over. Kaden jumps up on the bed to convince Zeus that playtime is more fun than taking a nap.

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Zeus isn’t convinced so Kaden becomes even more annoying and begins to play bite and provoke Zeus to get him out of bed. The thing is, Zeus doesn’t move off his comfortable pile of pillows and begins to complain.

Kaden does his best to rouse Zeus but the stubborn husky doesn’t budge. Even when his brother playfully bites his neck and growls at him, Zeus just lays there with no intention of getting up.

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Zeus knows that dogs need plenty of beauty sleep, which is important when you’re a stubborn husky. But, Kaden doesn’t care because this German shepherd is all about having fun and thinks sleep is overrated.

The two dogs are both hilarious and gorgeous and living their best life. We’re sure that this is just a small glimpse into their amusing antics and they keep their humans on their toes. They are certainly entertaining.

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