Carefree Child Plays With 14 German Shepherd Dogs At Once

“This kid is not only adorable, she is probably the safest child on the planet”

Every child in the world dreams of playing with a bouncing, adorable dog. Dogs and kids go together like the sweetest cream and sugar. And, the lucky kids get to share their young lives with a furry best friend of their own.

In this video, the 5-year-old little girl from Norway is living the dream. Not only does she get to have a dog to share her childhood with, but she is also surrounded by 14 adorable German shepherd dogs of her own.

The child is having the time of her life playing in the tall green grass with her beautiful dogs. And, the dogs are clearly enjoying playing with her as well. As she laughs in delight, tossing grass in the air, the dogs happily prance around her.

It’s hilarious to watch the dogs leap into the air like giant jackrabbits as they jump to catch the grass. All of them seem to be having the time of their lives, spending time in nature on a beautiful, sunny day.

Knowing how protective German shepherds are, this child is perhaps the safest kid in the world as she enjoys herself without a care or concern. No matter how much fun these dogs are having, you know they are being very vigilant and watchful over their tiny owner. Nothing is going to happen to her under their watch.

If owning a dog gives a child confidence and teaches them responsibility, imagine how conscientious this child must be as she grows up with 14 of them. Surely, with 14 dogs, it’s not all fun and games because dogs are a lot of work for the whole family.

Despite all the time and love that gets poured into these dogs, it’s heartwarming to watch the child and dogs simply playing in the sun and celebrating their special friendship. This lucky little girl will be loved and protected by these beautiful dogs for many years to come and it doesn’t get much more special than that.

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