Bomb Detecting German Shepherd Misses Her Job After Retirement

“She got depressed after retirement but luckily, her handler figured out a way to help her”

Dorka was a certified bomb detection dog working in Afghanistan. But, no one wanted to work her because they thought she was frail and timid. In time, she proved she had the biggest heart for the job of all.

Despite the initial impression of Dorka, the brave pup proved everyone wrong. She had the best nose of all the dogs. Her new handler, Monte, appreciated her skills and soon the two became best friends. They were always together until a few years later when Dorka was retired.

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Not wanting to lose his best friend, Monte applied to adopt Dorka. She soon moved to his home in Florida where he planned that she would relax and live out her retirement. However, things didn’t go as hoped.  Dorka was used to working hard every day and was finding it hard to settle into her new lifestyle.

Noticing she seems disengaged and depressed, Monte hoped she would soon get used to her new life. He tried different ways to cheer her up but nothing seemed to work. She missed working and seemed to have lost herself.

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Determined to cheer her up, one day Monte came up with an idea that would change Dorka’s life. He began hiding scents similar to what she was used to searching for and soon the dog was back doing what she loved.

Monte started slow but was soon hiding scents for Dorka all over the place. Everywhere they went, he challenged and rewarded her for finding the scents she loved to search for. They searched at home, at the store, cars, nothing was off limits and the dog loved it.

Soon Dorka was transformed back into her perky self. She was back to being energetic and eager to please. It was obvious that she had missed working more than anyone could have known.

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Today, Monte and Dorka remain inseparable. He continues to hide the scents she loves to find and are enjoying life in Florida together. We thank them both for their service and hope you’ll share their story with your friends.

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