German Shepherd Greets A Bucket Full Of Quail Chicks For The First Time

“It’s amazing how gentle this beautiful dog is with the tiny chicks”

Despite being known for their intense prey drive, some German shepherds can be incredibly gentle with helpless baby animals. Perhaps their herding nature causes them to transform into gentle caretakers. What do you think?

Take this beautiful, black German shepherd named Charon, for instance. She’s meeting some quail chicks for the first time, and she seems to instinctively know that she needs to be extra gentle around the tiny chicks.

Since a newly hatched quail weighs only 6 – 7 grams, which is 0.0132277th of a pound, one false move from Charon and things would not end well for the fragile chicks. The delicate babies are simply adorableness wrapped in soft, downy feathers and have a lot of growing to do before they transform into grown birds.

In this video, when Charon meets an entire bucket of quail chicks for the first time, she gently sniffs them before they are released from the safety of their bucket to explore the room. It’s a little heart-stopping to watch but soon you’ll realize Charon is not going to do anything to harm them.

Once they are out of the bucket running around, she lays on the carpet like such a good dog. She touches them with her nose ever so gently when a brave little chick gets close. The scene is just too cute for words!

The chicks are clueless that she could do them any harm and explore their new surroundings while Charon closely watches them. The tiny peeping sounds they make are super cute, too.

The chicks surround Charon, and she carefully stands up, careful not to step on any of them. The tiny chicks walk around her giant paws but are in no danger because she knows where each one is and carefully maneuvers around them.

Finally, Charon seems to have had enough and walks away from the little peepers. But as she leaves the room, one little bird is hopping along before her, and we are left to wonder if she plans to herd the baby back to the flock or just needs a break from the birds.

We’ll never know because the chapter ends there. But as always, please feel free to share this adorable video with your friends.

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