Selfless Stray German Shepherd Keeps 5 Kittens Alive In The Most Unusual Way

“If it wasn’t for the caring shepherd, the kittens would never have made it out alive”

Stray dogs are sadly not an unusual sight in this neighborhood but this one was doing something peculiar that captured a woman’s attention, so she started to feed him. But that was only the beginning of their story.

Each day, a stray German shepherd gazed into a storm drain, which eventually got the attention of some locals. One person named Annie felt sorry for the dog so she started to feed him every day with food she collected from a local butcher.

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She fed the hungry dog each day but noticed he didn’t eat the food right away. She was curious as to why but didn’t have time to give it much thought since she was usually on her way to work or other errands.

But, it wasn’t long before Annie’s curiosity got the best of her. She began to wonder why the dog didn’t gobble up his food and what he was so fascinated with under the metal grid, where he’d sit and look into the grid.

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One day when she brought food to the shepherd, the dog didn’t eat it up, as usual. So, she waited and watched and saw the dog once again carry the food away uneaten.  But this time she followed the dog and realized he was headed for the storm drain.

Stunned, she watched the dog drop half the food into the storm drain and look down into it. Overcome with curiosity, she walked over and looked down, and what she saw living under the street more than surprised her.   

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She knew she needed help and called the fire department. They soon arrived and she explained the situation, but the dog tried to guard the drain. But with Annie’s help, they could remove the drain guard and the little bodies that the German shepherd had been feeding.

There were five kittens stuck in the storm drain and despite his hunger, the German shepherd shared his food with the kittens. It was due to the dog’s kindness that the kittens were alive.

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Annie took pity on the kittens and the German shepherd and took them home with her. She found homes for four of the kittens and kept one for her and Benny, her new German shepherd dog, who saved the life of five kittens.

We hope you enjoyed this usual rescue story. It’s not every day that a dog saves the lives of kittens by feeding them but this dog has an amazing heart. Please share his wonderful actions with your friends.

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