German Shepherd Causes A Little Baby To Break Out In Non-Stop Belly Laughs

“This baby can’t stop laughing and just listening to him giggle at the dog is enough to crack you up”

The beginning of a beautiful friendship is unfolding between this sweet baby and his big German shepherd fur sister.

The baby was only five months old in this video and he is already best friends with a 2-year-old German shepherd named Freyja.

The two are adorable together and it’s as though the German shepherd has appointed herself as a best friend, entertainer, and caretaker of the baby.

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As the baby lays on his pillow, sweet Freyia makes him giggle and laugh as she plays with her toys. The dog shakes her green squeaky toy causing the baby to belly laugh in the most adorable way ever.

The laughs don’t stop either. Freyia then teases the delighted baby by holding the toy over the baby’s head as he tries to grab it. But Freyia is not about to let that happen. She is keeping her toy to herself while her little friend giggles and laughs nonstop.

The more she shakes the toy and the longer she holds it up for the baby to see, the funnier it is because the baby just keeps laughing, cracking up over their fun game. It’s impossible not to laugh with him because the two of them are so adorable.

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We bet they play together often, and this is not the first time that the dog is entertaining the enchanted baby. Just wait until this little guy is big enough to try to take the dog’s toys away, then the real games begin.

Freyia makes the best babysitter and certainly keeps the baby occupied and entertained. It appears she knows it too; she is rocking the babysitting gig.

Such a lucky baby to be able to grow up with a beautiful German shepherd by his side. The two will share many more laughs and lots of fun adventures as the baby grows up. Plus, the dog will always have his back and be his forever best friend.

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It’s too bad all little kids can’t have a German shepherd as a best friend. There is no better dog on the planet to grow up with kids. Please feel free to share this adorable video with your friends.

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