Stray Kitten Picks A German Shepherd To Be Her Mom

“This kitten certainly picked out the right dog and will forever have a loyal friend”

Some friendships are just meant to be. It was love at first sight for this teeny kitten when she decided her new mom would be a sweet German shepherd named Toast.

When Toast and her owner left their home for a walk one day, they were greeted by a tiny kitten. The kitten fearlessly approached Toast, who instinctively seemed to know she had to be gentle with the tiny cat.

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There was no momma cat to be found. Somehow the cat was all alone. But before they could wonder what to do with her, the kitten just walked right into their house and made herself at home.

She quickly began exploring what she obviously considered her new home. She began to explore every inch and followed Toast all around the house. When the kitten discovered Toast’s food, the sweet dog was even willing to share with her.

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It was as if the kitten knew she needed a family, so she adopted Toast as her new mother. The pair quickly bonded, and Toast even helped the cat climb up on the furniture that she couldn’t reach due to her tiny size.

Toast guided her new cat around the house. She’d help her up the stairs and escort the kitten safely down. The dog was happy to mother the kitten and even let the kitten sleep with her and try to nurse.

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Toast’s new job in life was to be the guardian of the kitten and she took it very seriously. She was happiest when the kitten was safe by her side and one day even saved the kitten before the tiny cat could fall into the pool.

When the kitten would roam too far, Toast would get nervous and guide her closer, so she was always within her sight. Toast had a strong mothering instinct toward the cat, it was as though she truly belonged to her.

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The cat might as well have been her puppy because the two are inseparable. They share an adorable friendship. It was the kitten’s lucky day when she approached Toast’s house and the two quickly bonded.

We hope you enjoyed the video of their adorable friendship. We’re sure the pair will share lots of adventures as the kitten continues to grow up. She’s always going to be protected and loved having a German shepherd as a best friend. Please feel free to share their adorable story with your friends.

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